Mozilla Europe Founder Triston Nitot on Keeping the Web Open For the Next 100 Years

At the e-STAS Symposium on Technologies for Social Action, Mozilla Europe founder Triston Nitot (@nitot) talked about how Mozilla’s Drumbeat project (@mozilladrumbeat) aims to keep the web open for the next 100 years:

Drumbeat seeks to bring together a community of creators, who will work together to build a better internet that is open, participatory, decentralized and generative:

Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of Mozillians who *use* web technology in new ways to understand, participate and take control of their online lives. At a practical level, Drumbeat community members use web technology to make things that improve and protect the open internet. They run local events where people propose and work on these practical projects. They encourage others to get involved. Mozilla helps find contributors, funds and advice for the most promising Drumbeat projects.

Drumbeat also has an ideation platform where Mozillians submit ideas for projects that make the web more innovative and more open by using open-source technologies.

Last month, I met Mozilla localization and community lead Seth Bindernagel (@binder) in Bangalore and talked about how working with local volunteer communities to drive the localization of Firefox in 75 languages with only 4 employees.

I have been using Firefox as my default browser for years now, but as I meet more people at Mozilla, I am realizing that Firefox is more about the community than the browser itself. More power to you, Seth and Triston.

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