Moving Your Remote Team From Chaos & Confusion to Creativity & Certainty!

Let’s face it; all of our lives have experienced radical change, almost overnight. Professionally many of us have been forced to work from home with Zoom Meetings and other tech becoming the new norm. 

In this new crazy normal, many organizations have moved from Chaos to Creativity. Many employees are realizing, if done with certainty, remote work can be more efficient and more productive!

Take a minute, stop and really think about it.
Our new reality can have:

  • No travel.
  • No traffic.
  • No pollution.
  • No wasted time trying to find a parking space.
  • No “drop ins” from well-intended folks that end up sucking precious time and productivity from your day.

You may ask yourself why you didn’t do this months, or years ago? The answer is, although inevitable, people don’t like change. It is easier and more comfortable to just keep on keepin’ on.

But let’s all remember!

A groove can become a rut, and a rut can become a chasm if you are not creative and certain about your actions, whether leading or working remotely.

Now that we have settled into the new norm, it is a great time to look at your business strategy and determine if this new work style is actually more efficient and productive for your workforce.

Could remote work with monthly or quarterly meetings be more conducive to productivity?

I realize that it is simply not possible for all industries, however, it is worth taking a strategic look if it makes sense for you and your team going forward.

Times like these can be scary.  Actually, they ARE scary, however this can also be the time & opportunity to unfreeze from old ruts and unproductive behaviors to create a new GROOVE!

What can you leave behind from pre-Covid19 and what can you bring forward to create a more creative and certain future?


Jennifer Budinsky is the Director of Marketing Communications for Global Engagement Solutions whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences. Prior to joining GES Jennifer was the Communications and Marketing Manager at Green Living Enterprises, Canada’s leading cause marketing and event agency. She has a Master of Arts in Communication and Social Justice, and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Media and Film. She resides in Toronto, Ontario and spends her free time working as an actress on various television and film projects. Jennifer is an ambassador for encouraging people to create exceptional experiences in every aspect of their lives, from work to home to play!


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