Most Popular Sports

  1. Soccer. In all rankings on any website, soccer is always at the top of the popularity lists. It is the most watched and most attended sport in the world today. The majority of the people who play it do not even call it soccer, instead it is futball or football. This team sport is played in almost every country and most likely has the most players of any sport. The professional players are the best paid of any sport, also. Just to give you an idea of the figures that we are playing with: the winning team for the 2010 world cup received the equivalent of thirty-million US dollars.
  2. Cricket. This sport has not necessarily gained steam in America, but it is played all over the world. This team sport is mostly played in Asia, Australia, and England. Slowly, but surely it is moving all across the world. It is almost like baseball, but really not at all. There are so many different rules, the strangest of which dictates that in order to challenge the call of an umpire the player must yell “Howzat?”.
  3. Field-Hockey. If you grew up in the states, then you most likely played this in a grade school gym class. This is a team sport that is loved for the reduced level of pain inflicted when compared to ice-hockey and requires running like football without all the breaks. Women make up the majority of the players and the sport is actually played in over 116 countries worldwide.
  4. Tennis. This is an interesting sport because it can be played between duos or singles. This has to be one of the highest paying sport because players have been known to earn over forty-million dollars per year. With all of the tournaments, that is not extremely surprising if they win them all. But still, that is a huge sum of money. This is a sport that is played evenly across the genders and requires amazing amounts of concentration and strength.
  5. Table-tennis. This is surprising at first, but then you remember the Olympic sport of this and how intense those games looked. This game does not require huge amounts of space, can be played quickly, and can give you a really good workout because you are required to move very fast. The concentration required for this fast paced game is incredible.
  6. Baseball. Being number six is a little surprising because America’s Favorite Pastime seems to be decreasing in popularity over the past decade or so. But, it is played world wide and has an international tournament that includes teams from everywhere. The players in America are still payed extremely well, getting around thirty-three million dollars a year.
  7. Basketball. Fast paced, show of skills, and quick results are just some of the factors that go towards making this one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played in over two-hundred countries and is loved by everyone.
  8. Football. This one is popular in the United States and still has time to gain popularity across the globe. Football ranks just under rugby as one of the most intense contact sports in existence.

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