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US workers making 20% fewer trips to the office

The number of trips Americans are making to their workplace has dropped significantly when compared to pre-pandemic figures, according to a new report. A new study by Work From Home Research finds the average American employee is now working 1.5 days per week from home. The same research also found US employees are ‘digging in’ and are starting to refuse to work a full week at the office – with 15% of those polled saying they would likely look for a new job if they were told they had to return to the office five days a week. Researchers analyzed mobile phone location data to find that daily trips to work have dropped by 20% when compared to pre-pandemic figures. The research suggests employers and employees have reached an impasse. Some firms, like Airbnb and Twitter, allow permanent work from home but others, including JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, are requiring employees come back to the office.

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