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Amazon could ‘run out of people to hire’ by 2024

Churn of warehousing staff at retail giant, Amazon, is apparently so high (the company gets through its entire workforce, and then some, annually), that it could soon run out of people to hire within just a few years. This is according to a leaked internal memo, where an official warns “Amazon will deplete available labour in the US by 2024”. With some Amazon warehouses reportedly losing more people than they hire each year, particularly worse-hit regions are reported to be Los Angeles, Phoenix, Memphis and Wilmington, Delaware. The national average for warehouse and transportation attrition was 46% in 2019 and 59% in 2020. But according to Amazon’s own documents, its attrition levels are at 123%. In the years before Covid-19, Amazon lost workers at a rate of 3% per week and had a 150% turnover rate each year according to the New York Times. Amazon employs around a million people in the US, including head office workers, making it the second biggest private employer.

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