More on Giving & Receiving Feedback

My friend Jen Louden  is a great teacher. To grow as a teacher or improve the program, teachers need to ask for student feedback. When it’s negative, it can lead to defensive behaviour or second-guessing – neither one very productive.

Whether you are a teacher or not, we can all use a few tips how to give and receive feedback.

I met up with Jen recently and we filmed a helpful video in which we talk about:

  • What kind of feedback is helpful and what kind isn’t (the answer is surprising)
  • The role the bell curve plays in gathering feedback
  • How little feedback Michael listens to
  • Michael’s super simple way to gather feedback (which I’m adopting)
  • 3 powerful ways to handle difficult or chatty students
  • Why creating an experience is as important as the content you teach

There’s  plenty of hilarity and it’s jam-packed with truly good stuff. I hope you enjoy.


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