More and More Health Care Workers are Moving to Social Care – Here’s Why

social careWhether you’re currently getting your degree in social work or you’re considering your options for a job change, there are a lot of workers entering the social care field. If you’re wondering why social care is becoming a popular career choice, here are a few reasons why people are making the switch.

The Option to Diversify

Whether you have a degree or you’re pursuing your master’s, there are a multitude of options for social care work no matter how you’re planning to utilize your education. You can work as a medical or public health worker in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility, or help those with substance abuse issues in a rehabilitation facility or juvenile detention facility. If you love children, you may want consider working as a child’s welfare social worker with troubled families or, if you have your master’s degree, you can also work as a mental health social worker in a mental health facility or hospital.

It’s an Industry in Demand

With the demand for professionals in the social care industry expected to rise significantly over the next few years, there’s little risk and significant reward in pursuing a career in this field. The medical and public health sector is expected to grow by 22 per cent in 2018, the highest percentage in the field, while jobs in the area of substance abuse are expected to rise about 20 per cent with the current emphasis on rehabilitation and recovery. Likewise, social work in child welfare is also expected to grow significantly, rising approximately 12 per cent through to 2018.

It’s Always a Challenge

One of the great things about social work outside of the personal fulfilment it can provide is that no two days will ever be alike. Since you have the option of working with a broad range of individuals who are experiencing many different issues, you’ll always have to be on your toes to figure out how you can best treat your client. With all the challenges associated with this kind of work, you ‘ll have to learn how to successfully deal with each client and learn to discern the difference between what you can and cannot change.

The Ability to Make a Difference

In this field, you have the ability to really make a difference in people’s lives. You may be responsible for ensuring that your client is properly cared for in a hospital setting and this means you may have to assist with communication and decision-making. You may also need to assist people with substance abuse problems, whose issues will have to be handled delicately and with compassion. Whether you choose to work with the ill or children and their families, social work provides a multitude of opportunities to make the world better, one client at a time.

Whether you’re finishing up a degree or wondering what your options are, there’s no need to worry about job security or diversity if you’re pursuing a career in social care. If this is a field you’re getting into, you may want to contact Randstad jobs in your area to see what opportunities are out there for you.

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