Monster 5 for Friday: Veterans Day Edition

In the push and pull and cacophony and confusion of our constantly connected world, we forget that the simplest gestures can translate to a world of difference.

Whether it’s a pat on the back or a word of encouragement, there are myriad ways to express gratitude and dam the river of stress, smartphones and social media we all swim in, if only for a moment.

That’s why, on this Veteran’s Day, we wanted to stop and salute those who serve with two simple words: thank you.

Thank you for the sacrifice you and your families make on a daily basis.  Thank you for putting patriotism before personal gain.  And most of all, thank you for a job well done.

We know this simple gesture seems wildly disproportionate to the service you’ve given, but there are no other platitudes to express our gratitude.

While we can never repay our debt for your service on the front lines, Monster is in a unique position to match our veterans with the employers looking to hire them.

Starting next Monday, November 14 though November 18, we’re happy – and humbled – to host our first ever Veteran’s Virtual Career Fair – a free, online event  featuring over 30 of the nation’s top employers.

These companies understand the value of hiring veterans, and Monster, along with, is proud to facilitate an introduction and showcase active job and employment opportunities to these highly skilled, highly dedicated candidates as they transition to the civilian workforce.

Monster 5 For Friday – Veteran’s Day Edition (11.11.11)

This week’s special Veterans Day edition of the Monster 5 for Friday salutes some of the most insightful, and inspiring, articles on veteran hiring from the world of work we consider ‘required reading’ for HR and recruiting professionals.

5. Emily King looks at the business impact – and operational benefits – of hiring ex-military personnel “Five Ways Recruiting Veterans Can Boost the Bottom Line”

4. Every year, companies spend a whopping $25 billion on corporate relocation.  For transitioning veterans, however, the challenge is more than monetary – it’s a family affair which impacts their partners and families.

Check out this post from Theresa Minton-Eversole to consider how employers everywhere can be “Easing the Travails of Trailing Spouses.”

3. Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a daunting task.  Fortunately, Impact Interview CEO Lewis Lin shares some great tips and tricks as he reveals “The 7 Secrets for Successful Military Career Transitions.”

2. Veterans can benefit organizations in a multitude of ways, explains U.S. Navy veteran and corporate talent acquisition specialist Eric Mouillesseaux.  The problem is that many employers simply don’t understand – or appreciate – the skills and experience ex-military personnel bring to the table.

Moullesseaux clears up some of the most common myths and misconceptions as he shines a light on“Veterans – The Misunderstood Job Candidates.”

1. While hiring veterans is a challenge (and opportunity) facing many employers and talent managers, talent organizations’ efforts don’t end with an offer.

Charlie Judy of HR Fishbowl explains why “Recruiting Veterans Is Only Half of the Battle” – and how retention fits into the bigger veteran talent picture.

Thanks for your ‘attention.’   We hope that after reading these posts, you’ll never be ‘at ease’ as long as the veteran employment problem persists.

Take ‘military action’ by helping us spread the word about the Veteran’s Virtual Career Fair and following along #vetjobfair on Twitter or our Facebook page for news and updates from the event Nov. 14-18

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