Monster 5 for Friday: Spring Fever Edition

When I was a student at Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, one of my favorite spring rituals was when we’d start holding class outside. The change of scenery would counterintuitively do wonders for my restless teenage mind, and I found it easier to focus on my calculus and Crane while soaking up some rays.

It turns out, my teachers were onto something. By making us happier, all that sunshine may have also made us more smarter. There’s a lesson here for employers, too. In the January-February issue of the Harvard Business Review, the article “Creating Sustainable Performance” concluded that employees that thrive in their workplace surpass complacent or unhappy employees in productivity.

This week’s Monster 5 for Friday takes a look at ideas on engaging employees, encouraging creativity and updating employee evaluations to boost happiness and productivity:

5. How can employees be creative without the room to roam freely or coordinate spontaneously with peers? The New York Times takes a peek into the new age of office designs, which trade private offices for open spaces and mobility.

4. This week’s Talent Culture TChat on employee engagement generated great ideas on how engagement fits into bigger business objectives.

3. Welcome to the Occupation questions the heavy burden of employee engagement on management. He asks and answers “Where’s The Employee Choice in the Engagement Equation?.”

2. Does your evaluation system account for innovation, in addition to traditional factors like productivity? Jeffrey Phillips explains why you may need to update your evaluation program to encourage creativity.

1. As the workplace becomes more social, WorkSimple shows us that digital evaluations can keep employees engaged in real-time and show them how their work fits into the bigger organizational goals.

Class outside anyone?

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