Monster 5 for Friday: Do-Over Edition

We’ve all made decisions we’ve regretted.  You know, like those “perfect” candidates who turn out to be more charisma than competence.

Or implementing an HCM system whose supposed “user friendly” interface proved about as intuitive as a Pollock painting.

Or actually believing that you could cut heads and budgets without cutting engagement and productivity.

We all make mistakes once in a while.  Like the Lakers, who had the chance to grab one of the league’s top guards, Chris Paul, for a Kardashian (Lamar Odom) and a Wookie (Pao Gasol).

But their talent acquisition strategy, however successful, fell apart due to the arbitrary last minute intervention of previously uninvolved senior leadership, with a complex offer process unraveling and resulting in top talent winding up working for the competition (or as much competition as the Clippers are likely to provide).

Every recruiter has had that hiring manager or executive who, like David Stern, completely kills a lot of hard work on the front end for reasons that might not seem rationale – sometimes, even, seeing top talent as a potential challenger to their position and disruptor of a carefully created status quo.

So while we might not be signing offer letters with seven zeroes, we know that, like the Lakers, we can’t do anything but accept the decision, move on and continue to utilize our professionalism and experience to go for the championship with the talent cards we’re dealt.

Of course, if you can’t have Kobe Bryant running your floor, here are some articles to help your front office pull together a winning team.

This week’s Monster 5 for Friday features posts we consider “slam dunks” in the world of work, with advice and insights that should be a pretty sweet assist to anyone out there in the business of hiring.

The Monster 5 For Friday (12.16.11)

5. With the Chris Paul announcement, Clippers’ coach Vinny Del Negro finally got an answer to the question: “Why Do We Stay In Terrible Jobs?”  If you’re still wondering why you (or your employees) are hanging out on a sinking ship, check out this Talent Anarchy article by Jason Lauritsen.

4. While there are some circumstances under which bottlenecks are considered desirable, the hiring process isn’t one of them. Kyle Lagunas agrees and tells us how to avoid them in “Four Ways to Avoid Bottlenecks in the Hiring Process.”

3. Andrew Gadomski puts forth his hypothesis on the trends that will shape how the class of 2011 is recruited in this article from Recruiting Trends.

2. The economy might not be totally back, but VC seems to be.  And as we saw with the Oklahoma City Thunder, start-ups are succeeding even in the most trying circumstances.  BostonInno detonates the myth that the tech sector is stagnant with “4 Reasons Tech Hiring Will Explode in 2012.”

1. Just like the Chicago Bulls were able to work the weave into the Triangle Offense that truly changed the game in the 1990s, Brad Power plays Bill Wennington and provides some solid support for how to “Weave Change Into Your Hiring Process” in the Harvard Business Review.

And as the Bulls perfected the weave via their Triangle Offense in the 1990’s, Brad Power teaches us how to “Weave Change into Your Hiring Process.”

Consider these posts the HR and recruiting equivalent of a lob pass.  Now it’s your turn to take it to the rim…and check back with us next week as we bring you more of the ideas and trends that matter most in the world of work.

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