Monster 5 for Friday: Discovery Edition

Whirlpool Galaxy (M51): A Classic Beauty (A spiral galaxy 31 million light years from Earth.)After 40 years of speculation and searching, physicists may have discovered signs that their long hunt for a hypothesized particle may soon be over. The physicists noted two blips in their reports containing several years of data that could potentially be signs of Higgs boson, which endows other elementary particles with mass.

It may seem incredible to the non-scientist that two small imperfections could be noted or distinguishable within years of data, but many hiring managers sometimes confront a similar “needle in the haystack” problem when trying to identify the best candidate in the face thousands of resumes.

Just as technology has advanced our understanding of the most minute elements in of our universe,  it has also handed us the tools to make finding the most-qualified talent for an open position less exasperating, more efficient and increasingly beneficial for your company. Here at Monster, we’re embracing the tide of technological development by bringing our collection of jobs to the largest social network on earth with our networking application, BeKnown.

One of the most exciting parts of working in human resources is the constant innovation and discourse on our recruiting, hiring and retention methods. This week, we’re sharing selections that will give you a glimpse at the various ideas and trends in the world of hiring and optimization.

Take a peek at the following quick reads:

5. Does your recruitment program start with posting the opening on your company career page? If so, Smashfly imparts some must-read recruitment SEO on-page and off-page optimization advice for leveraging the right tactics to get in front of your best candidates.

4. [email protected] details how the ease of applying for jobs makes it difficult for employers to find qualified candidates in the pile of resumes, leading some to adopt unsophisticated tracking systems that sometimes weed out top candidates.

3. How important is it for startups to optimize their application process? Matthew Ogston of breaks down the time, cost and feelings of frustration you’ll save, as well as major resource-building that startups can accomplish by starting to use a better Applicant Tracking System.

2. Is the emerging workforce getting left behind in the hiring or promotion process? Forbes fills you in on the surprising twist in Gen-Y’s positive jobs outlook.

1. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, March 8th, Mashable brings us an Accenture infographic on how Gen-Y women are faring in and shaping the workforce. The full report on women’s outlook and opportunity is available here.

What tactics are you or your company using to drill down through the resumes to hire top talent? Are you taking a different approach when analyzing Gen-Y resumes versus mid-level talent? Join the discussion and post your comments below. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for the next 5 for Friday!

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