Monopolies, Gov 2.0 and Community. (via IdeaGov)

Alan’s post, combined with a great collection of comments, make this post worth your time to check out.

Can large companies add immense value to The Social Ecosystem, and specifically to components like Government 2.0? Yes, they can. Is there risk that they will corrupt the core values in their drive to create value for themselves and their stockholders? Of course.

In my opinion the public sector must fully embrace solutions from the private sector and not attempt to go it alone.  However, especially in the public sector transparency is key.  It is wrong for public agencies to promote private companies (by including their logos on their sites) and it is wrong to not be crystal clear about the role private companies are playing in their overall strategy.   Note, I am not assuming any foul play on anyone’s part,  just being clear about my expectations for any public organization.

What is your take?

It starts. I have been writing about fear driving much of the reactive decision making around the Government 2.0 and “Gov 2.0″ movement for a while now. Fear is most evidenced when the biggest players make monopolistic moves just because, well they can. They are afraid of the crowd at the gates with the apps, the platforms, the ideas and the innovations. This fear has been bubbling around the surface of the Gov 2.0 movement, yet rarely mentioned … Read More

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