Monitoring, Measuring, and Assessing Daily Employee Engagement: Week 2

The Walden 2.010 Project (Week 2)

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This is a weekly reporting of a one year project about monitoring, measuring, and assessing daily employee engagement. You can see the  original project plan, intention, measures and tools by, clicking here.

There are 6 measures for the project:

Week 1 Scores (Jan 3 to 8th)

  1. Energy In 6.0
  2. Results 5.2
  3. Strengths 5.0
  4. Relationships 5.6
  5. Energy Out 5.8
  6. Overall Engagement 55.20%

  7. Week 2 Scores (Jan 12 to 16)

    Category Score/10
    1. Energy In 8.2
    2. Results 8.6
    3. Strengths 7.0
    4. Relationships 7.8
    5. Energy Out 8.2
    Overall Engagement 79.60%


    Large increased  in engagement in one week. There was a vast increase in engagement from Week 1 to Week 2. I attribute this to better physical health (I am over my cold) and I have been teaching. Only two weeks into the project I realize how engaged I am in teaching and how much energy I give and get from teaching.

    3 General Conclusions for  Employee Engagement

    Fluctuations. In only 15 days of measuring engagement there have been huge fluctuations in all of the measures. I believe we need to pay better attention to these fluctuations and their meanings to develop more robust measures and methods for employee engagement.

    Person/Work Fit. Marcus Buckingham has been a strong advocate of your strengths being what engages you. I found myself very engaged in days I was teaching/facilitating. This was not a revelation but a very strong confirmation of keeping a strong focus on what engages me. The general conclusion is to focus on a better person/work fit in the workplace. Job crafting. as proposed by Jane Dutton, is just one possible method to move in this direction.

    Engagement Cycles. I noticed that after a couple of engaging days there was a drop in engagement. This seemed like a healthy cycle when I examined the data. Before doing this I would often be trying to spur myself to work harder and wonder why I was not as engaged as I would like to be. See the data helped me understand the pattern better.

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