Mobile web browsing stats

While most people understand the need to offer mobile support for their applications I wanted to briefly share a few statistics that I hope will help all of us better understand why this is important.

Worldwide Usage

Mobile web browsing has increased by more than 240% since March of 2009.  While worldwide mobile web browsing is only 1.70% of all web browsing it is rising quickly.

You’re probably wondering, how does this compare to the mobile browsing habits on one of our favorite social media sites?

Facebook Usage

The current Facebook statistics, as of this time, show that about 25% of all active Facebook users access the platform through a mobile device.  25% comes to more than 100 million users.

Okay, but how active are they?

Facebook users that access the platform through mobile devices are twice as active as non-mobile users.  That’s right, twice as active.

Still unsure about support mobile applications and mobile web browsing?

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