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I came across this post today and it reminded me of past discussions.  I am a bit nostalgic today, perhaps, so I decided to dig back a few months.  I argued last April that you MUST develop for the mobile web first, applications second.  While mobile statistics have changed a great deal in the last 17 months the arguments still make sense.  Give that post a read, if you have time, and check out this one from today too.

Mobile site vs. Mobile App? This post was fueled as many these days are by two things, a conversation with a client and our soon-to-be-announced new company. The client conversation was focused on her initial interest in creating a mobile app (iPhone, Droid, etc.) to help promote her organization, what it does, etc.  Using this app would also help her consumers navigate her business.  After doing a great deal of research in her industry, the client and her team decided not … Read More

via Jon’s PR 1.5

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