Mobile Recruiting and Horror Films

Pinstripe is a leader in recruitment marketing for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry. So it is natural for us to be discussing mobile recruiting strategies with several of our RPO clients.

The idea of broadcasting a recruitment message to a cell phone did make me pause, because only a short time ago the idea of mobile recruiting faced some opposition.

Today everyone is onboard; however, not so long ago, the doubts about mobile recruiting were numerous. Much of the “old” dialogue reminded me of today’s horror movies and how cell phones work perfectly until Freddy or Jason like perpetrator shows up.

When it comes to horror movies, there are a few constants. Yes, the characters will venture into that creepy ramshackle cabin unaccompanied, walk aimlessly into the forest alone, and most importantly, cell phones will never work when they’re most needed.

I vividly remember people raising issues for candidates similar to those of would be horror film victims: 

• How will we connect with a candidate in a “dead zones”?

• What if a canddiate’s cell phone battery dies?

• What happens if a candidate loses or damages their phone?

All these so called impediments are now just memories. Maybe it is the 97% coverage or the better battery quality, but nobody seems to have any issues with mobile recruiting.

At the end of the day, horror flicks will continue with their predictable, cliché, and unrealistic cell phone failures at the most critical moments……And mobile recruiting has become just another “accepted” recruitment strategy.

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