Mobile is inevitable

You don’t have to be a futurist to see the way some things are headed. Take the Volkswagen as an example. As anyone who has driven an early Volkswagen can attest, the rear windows were very difficult to see out of.




Volkswagen printed one of their wonderful, sarcastic ads when they bowed to the inevitable and enlarged the back window in 1958: “The famous Italian designer suggested one change.”




We Volkswagen drivers saw the change coming before the Italian designer. We also foresaw a functional defroster and headlights that lit the road.

Now turn to mobile. mLearncom is just around the corner, so mobile learning is on the mind, but this applies to smartphones replacing laptops in all forms.


Some people believe laptops will live forever. With mobile, they say, the screen is too small to read, the keys too tiny to type on, and photos too small to see. That may be true of today’s smartphones, but it won’t be the case tomorrow.

Just as Volkswagons were destined to have rear windows a driver could see through, smartphones will soon incorporate:

  • direct-to-retina, immersive displays a la Google Glass
  • projection capabilities for displaying images
  • reliable voice input (or virtual air keyboards for vestigial typists)

Add in the benefits of geo-location and miniaturization.

Mobile is inevitable. Make your plans accordingly.




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