Mobile eLearning is Important to Your Business

Mobile_eLearningMobile learning is coming to a workplace near you. It only makes sense. After all, a lot of workplace training is moving to the cloud and droves of people are accessing the cloud through mobile devices. Therefore, ready or not, here comes mobile eLearning.

What is Mobile eLearning?

Before discussing the mad dash companies are making to incorporate mobile eLearning features into online training programs, let’s first review what mobile eLearning is exactly.

In a nutshell, mobile eLearning implies eLearning courses are easy-to-access on mobile platforms. Because mobile screens have much smaller dimensions than PCs, programs need to be fit especially for these devices. This can be accomplished through mobile optimized websites or mobile apps.

Benefits of Mobile eLearning

Customizing online training materials for mobile devices can be costly, but the benefits trump the investment. Mobile eLearning offers employees instant access to their training materials. With training tools at their fingertips they can return to the curriculum again and again. Without barriers as to where they can access the information, learners find it convenient to access online training programs at unconventional times, like when sitting in traffic or waiting for a friend at a coffee shop.

The benefits of mobile eLearning appease employees and delight company decision makers when they correlate how accessible training material can increase productivity. Unfortunately, without proper eLearning software in place, some companies wonder how they will optimize their online training programs or build mobile training apps for their employees. Companies that fail to take any action may find themselves in the dust, as employees are using their mobile devices more than ever before.

Mobile eLearning is In-Demand

In 2012, nearly 500 million smartphones were sold. For the first time in history, sales of mobile devices trumped PC sales. Some businesses are scrambling to figure out ways they can connect their employees to training through mobile devices. Other companies are confident that their training platforms have them covered.

TOPYX® is a learning management system (LMS) that already has mobile eLearning features incorporated into the platform. Training programs can be accessed on any device that has access to the internet and a web browser. Regardless of what type of device the learner uses to access training, they can fulfill training tasks and track their progress. Request a free demo of TOPYX to explore how this LMS enfolds mobile eLearning features into its design.

People are using mobile devices more than ever before. Shouldn’t your company’s training programs be accessible on these platforms, too? If you choose not to incorporate these features now, the question is when? Mobile eLearning is not going away anytime soon.

Jeffrey A. Roth

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

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