Minimal Wallet For Everyday Carry

I’ve been looking for a minimal wallet since I decided not to use any of my credit cards. Well, I still carry one credit card for emergency use. I don’t carry much cash either; I have a debit card to cover for my purchases.

The less credit card I carry with me, the less likely I will be tempted to impulse buying.That just works for me. You don’t really want to ding your debit account.

I needed a slim, small wallet – something that I can put in my pant’s or shirt’s front pocket without the extra bulk of the wallet’s material.

And so Malcolm Frontier’s Mojito wallet is just perfect for what I need!

 Minimal Wallet For Everyday Carry


Here’s my usual wallet stuff:

1 credit card
1 debit card
Driver’s license
Couple of $20 Bills (for emergency use where cards are not accepted)

Mojito perfectly complements my minimal everyday carry to office:

Pocket Moleskine
Blackberry phone

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