Mine Safety Commissioner Moves Back to Chair

Reprising a role she held in the Clinton administration, current member of the Mine Safety & Health Review Commission Mary Lucille Jordan has been designated by President Obama as the Chair, see announcement here. Before being appointed to the Commission, Jordan worked for the United Mine Workers for more than 17 years as an attorney.

Although it gets less publicity than its cousin, OSHA, MSHA is the counterpart for the mining industry and obviously in recent years has been in the headlines with some well publicized mine tragedies. The Mine Safety & Health Review Commission is the judicial body which reviews determinations made by ALJ’s.

Although it is not an area I have had much experience with my firm is fortunate to have a large collection of MSHA lawyers in our Washington office including Michael Heenan, who has been “toiling in the mines” (well not literally!) for more than 40 years. It is one of those sometimes hidden specialties, but critical if you are covered by MSHA.

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