Microsoft Talking Collaboration – Who Will Join Them?

Microsoft’s line of videos about business collaboration are well done and inspire a lot of thought about the possibilities of the new networked business landscape.  What they make me wonder though is which product are they espousing be used for this purpose?

Although it’s flying off the shelves, SharePoint is known to be strong when documents are the central focus – this creates space in the market for SharePoint’s Featured Partners who extend the functionality to support communities of practice, knowledge networks, innovation and more.

As I look at these after-market products as compared to the potential that collaboration and learning communities can bring to an organization I have to wonder how long it will take before one is just gobbled up and integrated right into SharePoint?

One of our projects now is hung up in IT due to our desire to use a SharePoint plug-in ASP provider with Community of Practice functionality – it’ll be nice when all of this comes in one ‘box.’

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