Microsoft Dynamics Customizations

Lauren Carlson, CRM Market Analyst at Software Advice, was kind enough to ask to share this article on our blog here.  I hope you enjoy her thoughts and check out her original post as it is a great list.

The traditional view of CRM software as a way to manage sales, marketing and customer service operations isn’t really valid anymore. Sure, the software has those capabilities, but industry professionals who actually use the software on a daily basis want more than just a generic offering. They want a CRM solution that is customized to meet the specific needs of their industry. Financial service professionals don’t just want contact management. They want a software that will help them procure new clients by identifying new opportunities. Hotel managers need more than just Outlook when it comes to building partnerships with corporate entities and travel agents.

Microsoft has partnered with value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) to create customized, industry-specific software offerings built on top of their Dynamics CRM platform. But with so many industries with an overflow of options, narrowing things down can be a little overwhelming. After some extensive scouring, digging and searching, Software Advice, Inc. has singled out 20 major industries, providing a vendor customization for each that will give buyers an idea of what kind of offerings are out there. You can easily navigate through their 20 favorite Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and leave feedback in their comments section.

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