It’s been a tough couple of months here in my home state of Michigan.

Unemployment is projected to hit 20%.
750,000 people are out of work in our state.
By the end of the calendar year, 100,000 people will lose unemployment insurance.

I don’t see any employers hiring. It makes it difficult to write and help, when I try and help, it’s difficult when applicants don’t see any progress. I can’t look at good people and write a better resume, a better cover letter, a better thank you letter. Lots of good people are applying for scare jobs.

I keep resources available for people seeking help – great writers in my HR realm, awesome blogs, great resources but I am ALWAYS looking for more. I am putting together workshops for my Grand Rapids community. If you have resources – links, people, places, information – that you are willing to share, please share here or email me at maven at thehrmaven.com. I thank you. My community thanks you. My State thanks you.

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