Michael Allen’s e-Learning Annual 2012

The postman has just delivered my copy of Michael Allen’s e-Learning Annual 2012  (when I was originally asked to contribute to this book it was going to be a 2011 annual, but that’s traditional book publishing for you!).

I’m a fan of Michael Allen. I agree with what he says about design and I respect the way his views have evolved in time away from the traditional ADDIE model into something much more agile. So I was delighted to accept his offer to add a chapter to this work.

There are 27 chapters covering all aspects of e-learning. There’s nothing safe and predictable here, so expect to be unsettled. As Jay Cross writes on the liner notes: “The real learning at conferences takes place in the hallways. This wonderful book is like eavesdropping on those conversations, except that Michael has put the top thinkers in our field in the hall for you.”

William Horton was complimentary too: “Just another academic anthology? Hardly! Michael Allen has convinced e–learning′s super–heroes to join forces to crush complacency, demolish dogma, rewrite rules, streamline strategies, and light a brighter future for e–learning. Warning: The accumulated wisdom and original thinking of this elite team of designers, practitioners, consultants, and researchers will leave you dissatisfied with your current e–learning efforts and aching to put their ideas into play.”

Alright I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to enjoy doing so. My contribution? Rethinking the scope and nature of instructional design. Take a look.

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