Meditation as a business practice, something to contemplate

Meditation can be good for your soul and your business

“ The riddle does not exist. If a question can be put at all, then it can also be answered. ”
— Ludwig Wittgenstein

Do you meditate? I do, although not as much as I should.

It helps to center you, and slow your mind down. It can help you relax during stressful times, and will often help you to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Sometimes it just turns into a nap, and that can be a good thing too. Other times it can give you an energy boost. Here’s guided meditation that lasts nine minutes and will give you an early morning energy boost with or without a cup of coffee.

Energy Boosting Meditation

Here are some additional resources on the topic if you find it interesting, including articles from HBR, Forbes, Wired and Fast Company.

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There’s even a conference you can attend if you are so inclined: Wisdom 2.0 – the intersection of wisdom and technology

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