Measure Business Impact with LMS Reporting Options

LMS Reporting OptionsCompanies and organizations have numerous reasons for using learning management systems (LMSs). Some seek online features for training, social communications, and e-commerce. These LMS functions are important, but they are more valuable when proper reporting options are also available. Easy-to-use reporting options measure how effective a business strategy is as a result of incorporating eLearning tools.

An eLearning center that promotes integration, customization, standardization, and usability provides appropriate reporting options to measure business impact. Employing an LMS is an investment that has the ability to grow company earnings because the effect of a business strategy is measurable.

Four LMS Reporting Solutions to Benefit Business


Training tools are a standard component on all learning management systems. While these functions teach individuals tasks and procedures, combining training tools with reporting options can advance an entire administration’s understanding of how these applications are fulfilling a business strategy.

Some LMS programs, like TOPYX®, offer advanced reporting metrics through Google Analytics. This gives companies solid research to create strategies and update curriculum so they can effectively integrate employees.


Complex data needs to be compiled, segmented, and distributed. For this reason, a standard form of reporting and interpreting data – that allows many people to access the same information and put it to immediate use – is ideal. Unfortunately, easy-to-use reporting options that categorize business specific data are hard to find.

TOPYX meets this need by offering a variety of different reports (course progress, certification completion, and registration are just a few of the available reports). You can also schedule reports automatically, in addition to customizing unique formats.


Every business is different. Still, a common need is an online platform that allows many branches and individuals to connect over long distances. Many businesses require that complex data be configured into a report for immediate use.  For this reason, being able to customize an LMS so it can cater to unique business needs and allows an administration to set up reporting options is necessary.


Reporting options are great features for an LMS to offer, but only if they are user friendly. With a platform like TOPYX, it is easy to format company information for specific purposes, as well as create and export data, charts, trends, usage statistics, and more. When data compilation is simple, it not only benefits eLearning initiatives, but also the business at large.

TOPYX is an award winning social learning management system that promotes a variety of tools to integrate, standardize, and customize company data in a user friendly environment. Discover the potential of this versatile LMS by requesting a free LMS demo.

Reporting options have the potential to change a training process so it positively impacts business strategy. A reliable and fast way to collect vital information for these purposes is with an LMS. Learning management systems are more than training centers; they are data tools.

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Vice President, Business Development
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