Maya Finds a Love Poem in Her Facebook Inbox

“Strong black coffee is the best antidote to a night of excess,” Maya typed out her tweet and signaled the barista for a second cup of large Americano, then sighed as she looked at the time stamp: 3 pm.

The last day were a blur in Maya’s mind. It was difficult to believe that her friend Pooja had introduced her to Adam less than 24 hours ago. They had connected easily over spicy Indian food and two bottles of Pinot Noir. He had talked about his lab experiments as a Cambridge post-doc bio-chemist, she about her research on social networking websites, while Pooja had smiled on, pleased at playing cupid. Later, they had shared another bottle of wine in Pooja’s living room, after Pooja had retired to her bedroom.

Early in the morning, after Adam left for the airport, Maya had logged into Facebook, searched through Pooja’s friend list, found Adam, added him as a friend, and left him a message:

It’s too bad we didn’t get a chance to spend some more time together. Ships that pass in the night… It would be nice to meet again.

Now, as she logged back into Facebook, she had a message from Adam waiting for her –

The night we spent together
Was a sigh of relief. Just when
I was about to give up on myself –
Too old, too fat, too jaded —
You stepped into my nightmare
And saved me from myself.

Ships that pass you in the night
Are like dreams that don’t quite
Feel real in the morning, but
When you happen to see them
During the daytime, they seem
Strangely familiar: deja vu.

Maya was surprised at the poem — she didn’t remember the last time a lover had written her a poem — and at the sadness hiding beneath Adam’s confident, contended, almost cocky personality. But, she knew how deceptive appearances could be; she was often sad herself, even though it only showed up in the rare empty spaces between her daily routine of reading, writing, partying.

“I will keep our night safe with me,” she replied, “like a good luck charm in a secret pocket, to cheer me up when I’m down. Until we meet again, like deja vu.”

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