Maya Campaigns for Naina in the Kingfisher Calendar Launch Contest

Kingfisher Calendar Launch Contest

“I can’t believe you lost!” Maya exclaimed as she put down her coffee. “I was sure you’ll win the Kingfisher Calendar Launch contest. You were the only woman in the fray!”

“I know!” Naina agreed animatedly. “I thought I had pitched it perfectly. ‘A hot woman photographer making pictures of hot women models would be the epitome of Kingfisher’s Good Times.’ I thought every self-respecting man on Twitter would fall for that!”

“Given that four out of five Twitter users in India are men,” Maya continued, “I would have expected a little more enthusiasm for your campaign. Even the woman should have voted for you because you are a woman!”

“I know!” Naina became even more animated. “It even seemed to be working, until the last three days when it all fell apart. I have no idea how that happened, especially after I had campaigned like a politician for two weeks, used every trick in the book to ask for votes.”

“Including emotional blackmail,” Maya smiled.

“Including emotional blackmal,” Naina laughed. “I think I hit the height of hustle during the last three days…”

“I remember,” Maya joined in,”‘Come on people! 5000 friends across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and noone seems to be voting for me!’ I loved those status messages!”

“It’s such a shame that it didn’t work,” Naina sighed. “I got two hundred odd votes on the last day, some of them because you started campaigning for me, but the other three guys suddenly seemed unstoppable.”

“The strange thing is: they didn’t even have too many followers on Twitter,” Maya wondered, “whereas you and I are two of the most connected Indian women on Twitter. Given that you could only vote using your Twitter or Facebook ID, that should have counted for something.”

“That’s what I thought!” Naina sighed. “And I’m a pretty good photographer too!

“That too,” Maya agreed, “except that you didn’t add a link to your portfolio in your contest pitch. Perhaps, that would have made the difference.”

“Perhaps…” Naina sighed.

“I guess we’ll only find out when I am campaigning for you in your next contest,” Maya nudged Naina.

“I’ll hold you to that, you do know that?” Naina teased, chirpy as usual. “Another coffee?”

“Of course!” Maya replied enthusiastically. “I can always have another cup of coffee at the Green Park Costa!”

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