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As a CIO, rapidly changing technologies, increasing competition and legislative policy changes are some of the challenges you face on a routine basis. These challenges should force you to rethink radically the quality of leadership and management within your organization. Your firm needs quality leadership if it’s to rise above such challenges, something that can be achieved through leadership development. It is widely acknowledged that there is a high correlation between the quality of leadership and the success of businesses.


You upgrade your hardware, but what about your people? 

As the Chief Information Officer, one of the most critical tasks in your job description is to harness the organization’s information technology resources efficiently and effectively, which increases your company’s yield and thus gives it a competitive edge in the market. In defining resources, we are denoting both human capital and technical capital such as computers and software. Just as hardware and software can be upgraded, human capital such as technology managers need leadership development to upgrade their skills. This enables them to utilize their technical talents, political skills and leadership qualities optimally for the IT organizations benefit and company’s bottom line.


Superior decision-making

Do you want your technical leaders, managers and staff to make better decisions? Do you want them to increase their productivity? If yes, one thing you need is to develop them through training. This supports their ability to grasp the context and style in which decisions are made, as well as the technology applied. There is nothing more valuable to a firm than well-trained managers and staff with a nose for superb decision-making. Opportunities are likely to be identified and seized earlier. Customers will receive better service. All of which enables your business to outperform the competition.


Employee retention

One critical aspect you cannot afford to miss is looking for ways to hire and retain skilled staff. A recent study on federal government IT managers identified that obtaining and retaining skillful IT experts is the most challenging task that they face. IT is a field that offers dynamic opportunities, and many technology managers and staff take pleasure in learning about novel and improved technologies. Give them what they want and help them develop their leadership potential. Encourage them to participate in seminars and events. Facilitate free workshops and presentations, in-house training programs or individualized coaching programs. In the end, they will reward you with fidelity and the best possible performance.



You should also know developing the leadership skills of technology managers can free up your time through delegating tasks to them. While it is possible you may have more experience and qualifications than them, you should always assist your staff to grow. A good leader knows the difference between coaching and doing. Delegate the work little by little, and use proper leadership development strategies to equip them for handling the required tasks.


Time to solve your most pressing issues

The CIO who upgrades their people through leadership development and training gain technical leaders with superior decision-making, higher productivity and higher moral. All of which, gives you more time to solve your most pressing challenges regarding the future of your company.

Derek Lauber, ACC

image courtesy: Ben+Sam

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