Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo! Strategy is Working

Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer extended paid-leave benefits for new parents as she tries to make the company a more alluring place to work. New moms who give birth can take up to 16 weeks of paid leave. Parents with a new child through adoption, surrogacy, or foster care can get up to eight weeks paid leave. In February, Yahoo said employees must work from company offices and could no longer telecommute, touching off a debate over the merits of giving employees more flexible working arrangements.

I have written before that I think Marissa is going to unlock value at Yahoo!

Remember my pre-call on Yahoo? Check it out here. I gave you four reasons before it happened why Yahoo would become a fun place to work, a fun stock to own and a fun place to do business with:


Did you notice that Yahoo stock is up 7 times the S&P increase for the same period?

Employee engagement is critical to Yahoo’s success and Mayer is making it happen from the top.

Yahoo’s shares closed Thursday at $24.97. The stock price was 15.94 on 10/2/12 when I made my pre-call.  Standard & Poor’s Index was at 1,445 that same day and closed Thursday at 1,597.

I am not saying it’s right for everybody but I think it is the right strategy for Yahoo!

What do you think?

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