Managing Gen Y

Managing Gen Y employees is a hotly discussed topics among leaders and HR folks. Much has been written about how they are different from earlier generations (Gen X / Baby Boomers) in their attitudes, behaviours, needs and disposition. BusinessWeek has put out a special report on the subject, which has a few articles that discuss some of the myths and realities of Gen Y employees. One of the articles contains research from a study by Corporate Executive Board covering over 400000 employees. The piece says that “gen Y is not so different after all” and attempts to bust myths like:

It’s all about money for Gen Y

Gen Y isn’t loyal

Gen Y communicates differently

Another article attempts to explore why Gen Y is the way it is. What has contributed to their collective programming?

What do you think? What approaches you are taking for managing Gen Y? Do you think you need we need different approaches for managing Gen Y or is it that intrinsic needs of employees (across generations) are the same?

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