Managers Should Nurture Not Just Subordindates But Networks

In his blog post futurist Ross Dawson writes that many of us have made choices to be content creators. And that there are two kinds of professionals now, those who create content – and those who don’t.

Those who are content creators – are given a leadership role by their audience. But as Ross notes, it is a slippery slope.

Which got me thinking, what next? And I knew I had an answer – in the 7 social roles – that I had blogged earlier.

A content creator (or curator) adds value to the audience by connecting them with new ideas – to trigger fresh perspectives.

However, I would argue that a higher value is provided by a community creator, a person who helps connect people with people who have similar interests.

As Gaurav says, the calling of the community creator is to scale passion – and content creation is the first step.

So if you are a content creator, my question to you is – what community are you nurturing? What passion are you scaling?

I have chosen to nurture a community of HR professionals (via this blog and this community) without being aware of what I was doing then. But now I can connect the dots 🙂

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