Making sales via Social CRM? WeCanDo.Biz helps you get started

Chris Butler and I have talked, off and on, about for several months.  Chris has worked to convince me, and others, that Social CRM can be used for driving sales.  While I have disagreed with Chris for months I have to say my viewpoint is shifting, ever so slightly, after spending some time playing with their Twitter Sales Leads and Social CRM offerings.

First, back to my core views on Social CRM:

  • As a strategy and a tool this will be a difference maker for some companies and for some target customers, vendors, internal users.  However, some industries and countries will never need Social CRM.
  • Social CRM is not my term of choice and I prefer to stick with CRM alone.  The Social Prefix is overly hyped and is a turnoff for many executives/leaders in both the public and private sector.  However, for the sake of this post I will use Social CRM to refer to the marriage of social network data with CRM.
  • Social CRM is well suited to provide value to  internal communications in nearly all businesses and government agencies.
  • Social CRM can be suited for customer service and marketing.  However, it must be operationalized and is only valuable if your customers, or your potential customers, are on those channels.

WeCanDo.Biz has, however, opened my eyes to some direct sales potential.  How you ask?

The tools offer keyword-based listening capabilities for Twitter.  In addition to searching for user-defined keywords it uses a basic dictionary of words to find needs, wants.  This combination enables users to find other users in the twittersphere that are looking for the products or services they have for sale.  This ability is light-weight, ignores other social channels as well as other public/private channels you communicate upon.  While true, and while clearly a negative that must be addressed sooner than later, they have simplified the CRM integration more than many other Social CRM companies.

Each item in the search results can be added to the Social CRM system (powered by InTouch) by simply clicking upon the Create Lead button. Once added you will find:

  • In addition to creating a lead, a client account is also created with as much information as can be determined.
  • The CRM is very basic with a fixed workflow and a small number of fields to fill in.  This is a plus for SMB users but could give challenges for a business with more than a dozen sales people.  Luckily, InTouch comes with the ability to add custom fields (and possibly workflow) so it will scale well enough for most small businesses.

Is this Social CRM tool a fit for all businesses?  Absolutely not.  However, small businesses selling services could find value in this tool and should check it out.

What else does provide?

The service goes beyond the capabilities I have discussed above, offering contact management and networking capabilities similar to what you would find on LinkedIn.  For users who buy for it’s Social CRM capabilities these other capabilities are a great value add.  However, I would not recommend using WeCanDo.Biz only for these capabilities as LinkedIn is superior.

What’s my net on

Small or mid-sized businesses, that do not already have a CRM system, that are looking to broaden their sales pipeline through social channels should absolutely check out However, if you already have a CRM solution or are already making use of more robust social listening platforms you will likely do better with another solution.


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