Making HR Fun in 3 Different Ways: A Carnival of HR Blogs

All of us at TribeHR are excited to (once again) be hosting the Carnival of HR. For this week’s carnival, we asked HR bloggers to send us their best (recent) posts about making HR fun. When HR administration is slowing you down, that can be a tough theme. But as always, the HR blogosphere was up to the task.

We only picked the best posts for inclusion in this week’s carnival. Here are the top 3 ways that HR makes its own fun:

3. Meetings and Metrics

As Karin Hurt at Let’s Grow Leaders (subscribe here) asks in 5 Secrets to a Kick-Butt Kickoff (how to host a motivational meeting), “when’s the last time you got the whole crowd together to rally around the vision, celebrate progress and have a little fun?” Right on! - Happy Hour counts as overtime, right?

TribeHR's submission for this week's carnival of HR: A “fun” continuation of our eCard series, which is posted every Wednesday right here on the TribeHR blog. You can check out last week's eCard here.

Follow your rally up with a results-only work environment, and you’ve got yourself a formula for success. Ben Eubanks at upstartHR (subscribe) ponders the appeal of ROWEs in New Business Concepts (How to Implement a ROWE). He swears that for “HR nerds,” metrics are some of the best fun imaginable!

2. Social Interaction

People are pretty good at making their own fun, but HR can help to push that along. Ian Welsh at The Search for Mutual Success (subscribe) and Andrew Tarvin at Humor that Works (subscribe) have whole lists of ways to make HR fun, from smiling a little more often to hiring a “smart, handsome humor engineer that delivers great humor in the workplace training.”

Check out their posts, Making HR fun! – How Does That Happen? and 5 Ways HR Can Create a Culture of Fun at Work.

1. Hooliganism

Meetings, metrics, and social interaction are all well and good, but apparently HR can still party with the best of them. The most common suggestions for making HR fun are straight out of the college hooligan's handbook: boozing, violence, gambling, taking it easy, and getting free software (…the biggest sin of all, says this social HR software provider!).

But enough joking around. You should seriously check out these excellent resources for making your HR a little bit more fun every day:

• Melissa Fairman at HR reMix (subscribe): Can HR be Fun?
• Anita Lettink at Visions for HR (subscribe): Can you run your HR for free?
• Derek and Natalie at RoundPegg (subscribe): A Tech Cocktail Session [Video]
• Paul Smith at Welcome to the Occupation (subscribe): Don’t Work Too Hard

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