Making Assessments Personal: The Role of Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

behavioral interview questions and answers

As employers, we’ve all seen our fair share of good employees, and unfortunately, we’ve also encountered an equal, and in most cases far greater share of employees that don’t live up to expectations. How could have using a behavioral interview questions and answers approach made a difference?

The average cost of replacing an employee is about one fifth of their annual salary according to the Center for American Progress. So, it’s no secret that reducing turnover is priority number one when it comes to staffing. Why are good employees successful in their jobs?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to that question because the answer is different for every industry, every company, and every position within a company – the skills and personal attributes that make someone a successful front-line employee do not always translate to other positions or management.

Assessing job candidates for the right fit for a  job position requires measuring work abilities, skills, and attitudes and behaviors.

Abilities & Skills versus Experience

Previous work experience does not equal future job success.  Being able to measure abilities and skills during the recruiting process is a critical first step in the process. 

Work attitudes, personal attributes, and behavior

The personal and behavioral attributes of an individual are just as important when determining the right fit. Think about it: the behavioral traits and values needed for a customer service role are much different than those needed in a shipping processing role.

Understanding what abilities, skills, work attitudes, and behavioral/personal attributes (also known as competencies) are needed for each position will help you form behavioral interview questions and answers to be used as part of the applicant screening process. By formulating questions that are specific to the role, you’ll find that your chances for finding the right fit exponentially increases.

By considering these competencies, , you are much more likely to compile a solid list of behavioral interview questions and answers to find the right person for the job, which can be a great success for both the employer and employee by reducing turnover and helping you hire a happy, engaged employee.



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