Making Appreciation and Recognition a Habit

Recognize This – Simply encouraging frequent “thanks” can mass mobilize your employees to achieve more than any manager could dream.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to appear on TLNT Radio (playback here) with hosts John Hollon and Lance Haun plus Kevin Grossman as a fellow featured guest.

John and Lance used a recent post of mine on how appreciation – once it becomes a habit in the workplace – can spill over into personal lives as well. They noted that, sadly, many organizations aren’t doing much to encourage a habit of simply saying “thanks.”

I commented that we know employees really value feedback. However, the tools available to do that are challenged – performance appraisals are annual and formal. Employees work under a mix of different manager styles. Whereas recognition – if leadership can make it part of way the company works, encouraging every employee to recognize and appreciate others – then you get the mass mobilization of your own employees. They naturally become the campaigners and champions for living out your values and strategy every day.

I also clarified that this is absolutely not about the “program.” Critically, this is about fostering and encouraging a culture of recognition and appreciation. It’s not about a traditional “employee of the month” or the President’s club. It’s not 5% of employees being recognized – it’s 85% of employees being recognized and appreciated by peers and managers alike. It’s getting that mass mobilization of employees living out those values and being recognized and appreciated for it.

What habits are encouraged in your workplace?



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