Make Time to Rethink

How often do you create the time for you to rethink your life, your work, your world? How often do you surround yourself with those who are doing just that?

Last week, I was privileged to not only present at, but sit in on, the Yale World Fellows 2013 Forum. What an amazing group of people! 

I left with the same feelings as when I attend TED — feeling totally empowered and pumped, that anything is possible!!…and also feeling totally humbled, like: “Geez, these people are so beyond-amazing, whatever I’ve accomplished pales in comparison!”

Yale fellows are mid-career thinkers and doers from around the world — (more than 250 fellows from 81 countries) — who are already successful and given the opportunity to turbo-boost those successes with a four-month immersive program at Yale.

On the session on Rethinking Urban crime, I sat between a Venezuelan mayor with first-hand solutions to such problems and the spokesperson for the European Stability Mechanism, a group responsible for helping the EU stay together under the Euro.

A retired U.S. Army Major General had major contributions to the conversation on Rethinking Peace.

The conversation on Rethinking Entrepreneurship was kicked off by a social entrepreneur who completely reinvented how more than 5,000 farmers in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil grow their goods, get them to market and earn more on each item sold.

Surround Yourself with Re-thinkers!

Rethink how you rethink!
Make the time to surround yourself with those who are not only challenging the status quo, but will challenge your own thinking!
At least twice per year, put your mind, your heart and your assumptions “out there.” Sign up for events or presentations or workshops that you know will take yourself out of your comfort zone. And stay there. Be uncomfortable, be in awe, be present…and see what happens.

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