Make The Most Of The Shaving Experience

Make The Most Of The Shaving ExperienceThere comes a point in many mens lives when they decide to start taking their shaving more seriously. Instead of relying on cheap, disposable razors and whatever type of canned shaving cream is on sale, they decide it’s time to upgrade their shaving experience.

Realizing that it’s something they have to do on a regular basis anyhow, these men decide to make the best of the situation by purchasing and using various Art of Shaving accessories. The shaving accessories available from The Art of Shaving take the shaving experience to a whole new level.

Some men like to apply a pre-shave oil before they begin the shaving process. These are usually essential oils that lubricate and soften the skin and are available in a nice assortment of scents.

The type of shaving cream that a man uses on his beard makes a big difference in the overall shave. The first time a man uses a high quality shaving cream that is made with essential oils he will undoubtedly notice the difference from the cans of shaving cream that are sold at the supermarket. Whether he uses a brush or decides to go brushless, the superior shaving results are likely to impress him.

The traditional method of creating a lather with a brush allows the shaver to use a shaving cream that is exactly the consistency he is seeking. Applying a nice warm lather to the face with a shaving brush is so much better than using one’s fingertips. When a shaving brush is utilized, it helps to lift and soften the beard while also providing easy access to often hard to shave spots such as the side of the chin and underneath the ear.

Special shaving bowls that are made from porcelain are the favored type of container in which to create a lather. It is widely believed that the use of porcelain in shaving bowls contributes to a better shave.

Some men prefer to use shaving soaps in place of creams. This method of shaving is known as wet shaving and some men claim that it offers the closest shaves. Shaving soaps are often packaged in wooden bowls and are available in unscented and scented varieties.

One of the most important components in any shaving experience is the type of razor being used. Some men insist that the best shaves come from safety razors, which are available in several different styles, sizes and colors.

There are other men who believe that the closest shaves come from straight razors. In addition to traditional-style wood or metal-handle models, there are also disposable blade straight razors now available. Electric shavers and fusion razors are also popular shaving choices.

Complete shaving sets and kits that contain an assortment of shaving accessories are sold in a broad spectrum of sizes. A good thing about using Art of Shaving accessories is the high quality performance they consistently provide.

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