Make A Beautiful Impact: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Every once in a while, we hear, see or read something so simple, so wonderful, so profound, our heart and our head overflow with joy and wonder… And we also think: “Damn, why didn’t I think of that!”

That happened to me last week with Joanna Lord‘s blog post:
A Beautiful Impact 

Lord writes about her six-month journey with professional coach Stacey Sargent, and how everything for her crystalized down to just two words…

“I want to have a ‘beautiful impact’ on this world. ‘Beautiful’ to me means you have the power to stop someone in their tracks with a moment so real that it encourages a deep breath, a thankful breath…for that singular experience. That experience could be between people in a community, between a consumer and a product, or a brand and a customer, or two colleagues building something together.

“It’s a funny thing…knowing what motiviates you. It’s invigorating. I’m finding it easier to say no to certain things. I find it easier to push through hard meetings, and challenges. I’m a big believer of getting to the core of it all. Because you are special. Each of us is, and we have our own two words, or three, or four. We have our own fire burning for something.”
See Lord’s full blog post here.
A huge part of working smarter is knowing how you want to impact others…
If you want to have a beautiful impact on this world…
Here are five questions you’ll need to answer… 

1. What are your core values?
Sure, you think you know them. But is most every single decision and action by you driven by them? If not, why not? Lord’s values are Passion, Achievement, Family, Helping Others, Creativity and Humor. For Lord, having those values front and center every day “steers me. It anchors me. It helps me identify when I feel off course.” Can you say the same? Day in, day out?
2. Do you know what derails you?
We all derail ourselves, because we’re human. Do you know what throws you off so well that you can quickly recognize when it’s happening and can quickly get yourself back on track? Says Lord, “I now know what I need to work on and where I need to level up. I can correct for it faster.” 
3. Can you proclaim: I am great at what I do?
Pride. Not the Seven Deadly Sins kind. The kind of pride can gives birth to confidence, courage, more drive, more opportunities, more growth, more ways to have a beautiful impact. Says Lord about aiming for being great, “We hide it. We blush. We deflect when someone compliments us, and rarely do we own it. I am owning these words. I am these things. I work hard for them.”

4. Do you have a mantra?
We all hit bumps in the road. We all struggle. What’s the one thing you hear in your head that gets you out of those situations? That’s your mantra. Lord’s mantra is “Stop worrying and JUST GO!” My two are “Rules, we don’t need no stinkin’ rules!” and “What really matters?” If you are going to work smarter, if you are going to have a beautiful impact, you’ll need to rely on your mantra to get you out of tough spots and back on track.
5. How do you define success?
Not all of us truly know this… Not money. Not goals. But true success: the kind of thing you want written on your tombstone. What’s interesting about that kind of success is that it will be judged by others, not you. (e.g., For me, it’s “Make a difference.” I can guide my life toward making a difference, but others will evaluate whether I really did or not.) Which means: True success will always be about the journey…What you learned every day, and what you did every day that brought you closer to that ideal.

Know the answers to these questions (true, deep “knowing,” as in living them) and you will be well on your way to having a beautiful impact on the world!

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