LUV Lost then Found at SWA–How Southwest Airlines Regained My Loyalty

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of my last flight on SWA where I felt zero LUV. If you missed it, you should take a moment to go back and read it.

I wrote that blog above 30,000 feet while the experience was fresh as an example of what happens when an employee puts his or her needs above that of every other customer.

Once the blog was posted, I shared it on Twitter just like I do every day.  And that’s where the fun began.  Today, I want to share with you a great example of service recovery. Thanks to Gabe Briones (@southwestgabe on Twitter), I’ve found the LUV again at SWA.

Here’s what happened. I posted the link to the blog and called out Southwest Air (@southwestair on Twitter). Social media is so powerful, companies that are not monitoring it regularly are making a big mistake and missing opportunities like this to quickly address service failures.SWALUV1

Southwest replies to me in 30 minutes!

CSI SWA Tweet 2

Then my new friend Gabe tweets to me and asks for some info on the flight.

CSI SWA Tweet 3

So I follow him and Direct Message (a private communication on Twitter) him the info.

CSI SWA Tweet 4

Gabe quickly apologies via Direct Message, provides a credit to my account, and I’m feeling the LUV again.

CSI SWA Tweet 5

CSI SWA Tweet 6

And I shoot out one final note to Gabe and SWA.

CSI SWA Tweet 7

As a frequent traveler and one who works hard to help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences, I wanted to share this positive example of how to quickly recover from a service failure.  Great job Gabe and SWA! I’m feeling the LUV!


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