Love Song

I could have titled this post – What’s Love got to Do with It? A better title maybe, but let’s face it – what a lame tune.

Earlier this week at the CIPD annual conference I heard Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, two world renowned academics tell me and many others how to make work better. I found the talk high on sound bite and light on substance, but among other things that at least have the potential to create purpose and meaning, they talked about:

  • Involvement
  • Fairness
  • Motivation
  • Trust

Involve, involve, involve. Then act – decisively.

Later the same day I was out for dinner with friends. Good friends, who laughed, joked and disagreed too. I got back to my hotel room in a good mood, and having maybe consumed a wee bit too much red wine. Unusually for me, I checked my emails before going to bed and among them was one asking me this question:

‘Why do so many workers feel they have no power to think differently about their workplace?’

Even more unusually I responded there and then – with this:

Most work is coercive, it is done to you. The best work is coactive, it is done with you. It is totally human to want, need and expect that our views be taken into consideration, and yet we defy these wants, needs and expectations at almost every step in out working lives. Never do anything about me, without me. Put simply, as Stephen Covey wrote, ‘We need to listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply’. I think that means we need to bring love and our artistry into work.

I went to bed. The following day Microsoft were kind enough to feature my brief outpouring as a part of their ‘get it done day’. Thanks folks.

So I’d like to add love and artistry to the list of ingredients for purpose and meaning. Some of my work involves helping people unlock the artist in themselves as a pathway to better collaboration and problem solving, and I will look to expand on this thinking further in the coming weeks and months. Should you be in London on Tuesday November 12th and free around 07.45am for a couple of hours – I’m facilitating a workshop called Art for Work’s Sake. Let me know if you’d like to come – there are a few places left.

For now though, I’ll finish where I started. Just for you, here’s a Love Song.



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Love Song

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“Just for you, here’s a love song, and it makes me glad to say it’s been a lovely day and it’s OK”

I was motivated by Mervyn Dinnen’s recent post, Beautiful Noise. In the spirit of sharing I offer you a Love Song….actually I’ll leave the song to The Damned. Here are four recent blog posts I really enjoyed and would like to share with you.

Love this idea. Normally I don’t much care for quotes. “I’m not insensitive, I just don’t care” – Homer Simpson. But then I read this by Alison Chisnell and I came over all…motivated. What I love about this story is the sense of involvement to reinvigorate what might otherwise be seen as a rather tired method.

Yeah I know – Thanksgiving was last Thursday. But I’m writing this now and I didn’t want you to miss out on this lovely giving of thanks by Matt Chevy. Matt’s an interesting guy busy making his own way in the world. Matt designed my website and he has a good way with words.

And here’s an ask from TheHRD for some retail love. Not love of the shopping, but love for the retail staff. I’ve worked in retail so I appreciate the request for some festive love and understanding. And Callum Saunders’ follow up comment is great!

I love to read real life examples on leadership. You don’t see many of these about. Gareth Jones wrote a piece called Lessons in Leadership based on his experience of Greg Dyke which fits the bill for me. Great vignettes on managing others, engagement, you and responsibility. Visible leadership, spot on.

Love it.

PS – welcome back FlipChartFT – punk’s not dead :)

I’ll be the ticket if you’re my collector
I’ve got the fare if you’re my inspector
I’ll be the luggage if you’ll be the porter
I’ll be the parcel if you’ll be my sorter

Just for you here’s a love song
Just for you here’s a love song
And it makes me glad to say
It’s been a lovely day
And it’s okay

I’ll be the mail you’ll be the guard
I’ll be the ink on your season ticket card
I’ll be the rubbish you’ll be the bin
I’ll be the paint on the sign
If you’ll be the tin


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