Loss of Media: “I felt dead.”


“I began to feel distress and despair.” … “I felt incomplete.” … “I didn’t realize it would be so isolating.”
These are few of the sample verbatims from a recent study of over 1,000 students in ten different countries, who all voluntarily gave up all media for just 24 hours.

One finding is that students reported that media — especially their mobile phones — have become an extension of themselves. Their phones are a part of their lives, like family or pets. Another finding was that students created their own brand identity using all the communication tools available to them. Don’t mess with how they want to be perceived! Another finding: “We no longer search for news, the news finds us.” Hello, center of the world…me!

Check out the link above to explore how this relates to media addiction…Such as: News curation and how content triaging needs to be taught to all students as life skill they need in both their personal and professional lives.

What interests me most…what I’ve been studying since many in this generation were first born, is: Do employers still think the can continue building corporate-centered infrastructures?

N-uh uh.

One of my findings in Work 2.0, for which I just produced a Ten Year Update Report: My Work My Way is what Millennials are demanding.

Not that they get to do everything their way. That’s not it.

What My Work My Way means is that content and tools and processes are just as user-centered as they are corporate-centered. And they need that if they are going to work smarter in a more-and-more complicated world. 

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