Looking for work? Highlighted jobs of the week: RightNow Technologies

Alright,you know one of the things I care most about is doing what I can to help people find work. Creating value as part of our social media efforts is a good way to put positive karma back into the bank, right?

I am going to, if any company is interested, highlight a job or two from a company in the areas I follow.  I AM NOT PROMOTING THE COMPANY and I receive no compensation for this highlight.  I am basically selling my soul (or blog space) and getting nothing in return, kind of foolish, isn’t it? :-)

Today I want to share a couple of jobs that are available at RightNow Technologies.  Why did I choose them?  A recruiter that I have a lot of respect for, Stephanie McDonald, asked me if I could help her out.  She is honest, passionate about recruiting, and a good person, how could I turn her down? Here, from Stephanie, is some information on the jobs she is looking to fill.

RightNow Technologies is currently seeking Account Executives in NYC, Dallas, and Chicago, as well as a Solutions Architect in NYC. The Account Executive position is responsible for selling large, enterprise sized deals to new clients, as well as selling into the existing client base. The Solutions Architect is responsible for assisting the Sales and Professional Services organizations positioning services to new and existing customers.

Click here for more information and to apply.

Or call:

Stephanie McDonald
Talent Acquisition Consultant
RightNow Technologies
[email protected]


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