Longreads: Links to Long-Form Online Journalism

Longreads is a website and Twitter account started by Mark Armstrong to collect and share links to long-form, online journalism:

Mr. Armstrong came up for the idea of Longreads when he ran out of things to do on his subway commute. “There’s no Wi-Fi down there, and there are only so many old e-mails you can read,” he said. He became a devoteé of Instapaper, the quick-archiving app that lets you set aside good reading for offline mobile viewing, but even that didn’t do the trick. “I ran out of things to read,” Mr. Armstrong said. So he decided to crowdsource his reading list, starting @longreads on Twitter and asking people to post the meatier stuff they were reading and enjoying on the Web. Since then, the Longreads Twitter account has picked up almost 9,200 followers.

I’ve been following @longreads for a few weeks and it has pointed me to several great articles, including Joe Posnanski’s article about Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Promise” and working with his dad, Article, and Article.

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