Loads of Crap or Loads of Excellence?

Most organizations and most individuals all make the same mistake!

What is the one mistake that these organizations and individuals make?

The mistake is trying to add too much stuff and thinking that is going to improve the service experience for their guests/customers.

People don’t care about your crap. They pretty much only care about their crap.

Here’s how this translates for you and your business!

Don’t add a bunch of stuff that you think is important and deliver it in a way that underwhelms or irritates your customer or guest.

Be great at what you do consistently, then and only then, add one more thing (stuff).

Regardless of the type of organization or industry you are in and regardless of the type of customer you serve, here is one thing I can tell you for certain.

Your customer does not want more stuff from you.  Your customer wants more excellence from you.

Be honest, are you delivering loads of excellence or something else?

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