LMS Platforms Provide Security and Growth for Associations

LMS AssociationVolunteer associations accomplish a lot with a little. It always seems that their potential for success is prohibited by low funding. Humble means make it near impossible for organizations to put communication and management systems in place. However, some organizations are able to serve the people they seek to help by acquiring social platforms to manage pertinent documents and connect members.

But consequences of not incorporating such a system are more severe than hindering growth. Without using a secure platform, notable background checks and certifications may fall between the cracks.

Therefore, a sound system is necessary when connecting and protecting an association. To look for options that encourage engagement and security, large organizations turn to social learning management systems (LMSs).

Encourage Communication in Organizations

Organizations face challenges when it comes to internal communication. Employees are known to work long hours without much pay and volunteers offer their time for free. The best way to encourage conversation outside of business hours is to offer an incentive. Providing a high quality system that is solely dedicated to the association gives employees and volunteers personal social media profiles that are accessible on mobile devices. The ease, exclusivity and accessibility of this solution may encourage interaction.

Protect the Association

One of the greatest concerns an association faces is security issues. Having volunteers work with community members means that new background checks need to be conducted on a regular basis. With an LMS, a large organization has the ability to track incoming and outgoing volunteers. It can also ensure employee certifications are maintained and documented.

More so, the organization can simplify the certification process for employees, saving them time and money. An LMS makes it possible to easily connect disparate groups, use profiles, forums and blogs to share information and even realtime chat. This is on top of the enhanced management of valuable training and coordination materials. It also has a central database that can store all corporate communication making it simple to reproduce learning material.

Those attached to the association will be more likely to proactively pursue this material because it will be easy to access. A lot of this content will be available on various devices. This allows employees, volunteers and members to access secure information anytime from anywhere. With a device that can connect to a web browser an LMS increases in convenience.

Implementing an LMS is an easy process that gives organizations sound platforms to operate from. TOPYX® is a social LMS that incorporates the benefits listed in this blog, Amaking it possible for large organizations to connect and protect their missions. Experience TOPYX by requesting this demo and seeing how it can serve associations.

It is not hard to bring employees, volunteers and members of associations together when an effective platform in place. In effect, it is not hard for the organization to be effective.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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