LMS Onboarding Fulfills New Hire Wants and Needs

new hire trainingIt is normal to feel a lot of emotions when starting a new job. Many employees experience excitement, nervousness, and hope all at the same time.

Companies with strong workforces understand this; these institutions do everything possible to provide effective training courses that comfort new hires by preparing them for roads ahead.

In the age of global business and digital communication, it is possible to fulfill the emotional wants and needs of new hires through online settings. A social learning management system (LMS) accomplishes the most basic needs of onboarding: communication, socialization, and connection.

When a new hire’s emotions are considered throughout the onboarding process, anxieties may be calmed, preparation can be effective, and the individual is more likely to realize how he or she can add value to an organizational structure.

An LMS Helps Decrease New Hire Anxieties

Research shows new hires want the ability to find answers to questions before their first days of work. Having access to an internal database allows anyone starting a new job to conduct independent research on the company; this grows knowledge of business objectives and a greater understanding of expectations.

LMSs allow for Efficient and Effective Onboarding

Typically, new hires want to start strong by taking initiative. This is why having a sufficient support system helps them feel right at home. Using an LMS throughout the onboarding process means new hires can have initial paperwork completed prior to their first days on the job. In addition, advanced communication features make it possible to learn the ropes by connecting with colleagues and peers.

Use an LMS to Reflect the Value of New Hires

People taking on new positions want to know they have been hired for distinct purposes. It is important they feel their skills are going to be put to good use. Making known the traits, skills, and talents of new hires increases their senses of self-worth. With an LMS it is easy to catalogue an individual’s credentials, strengths, and knowledge so new employees and companies at large can highlight their growing value.

When an LMS like TOPYX® is used to advance and support new employees throughout the onboarding process, a company can secure a team that displays quick and efficient learning, and shows determination and dedication.  Initiation processes in workplaces that incorporate the social LMS have drastically changed to consider the emotional transition of new hires. Request a demo of TOPYX and find out how effective this company-wide tool can be, especially to an HR department.

Companies need to provide information to new employees in ways that are widely accessible and easy to replicate. However, using cloud-based technologies does not have to be rigid and systematic. An eLearning center ought to be approachable, helpful, and purposeful in every way.

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Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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