LMS Increases Quality Business Management in Franchises

LMS Franchisees Business ManagementMany business owners dream of starting companies that can serve all people. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal target market for most products and services. But some entrepreneurs don’t adhere to this warning. To make their dreams reality, business institutions use franchise business models.

Building and sustaining a franchise requires hard work and problem solving. These businesses need to create effective communication channels between storefronts and headquarters. More so, they are responsible for providing training material to all employees and supporting franchise owners.

To streamline training and communication, franchise organizations look to cloud-based management software, and more specifically, learning management systems (LMS). This type of platform offers a cost effective approach to multiplying business efforts.

Cost Effective Communication Channels

Before cloud-based communication, businesses that needed to share operation systems and tap into the same communication centers had to rely on clunky hardware. Cloud-based platforms simplify this by making it possible for franchise storefronts to sign into remotely hosted LMSs. There is no need to worry about maintenance, as the software provider offers to maintain, upgrade and fix any problems that arise. More so, cloud-based platforms can be extended easily and at no additional cost, meaning the company can grow and add more users to an LMS without facing per user fees.

Storefront Support

To relay the company mission and uphold its standards, franchise storefronts need to remain in constant contact with headquarters. They look to the flagship store for information about promotions, new products, changes in operational procedure and even décor. With the ability to sign into an LMS and check this information at any time, stores can be proactive about moving forward. Should any questions arise, they may be able to find answers in forums or a database of company literature. If all else fails, an LMS makes it possible to get in direct contact with people at headquarters.

Training Materials

In the past, training franchise employees required a lot of top-down communication. With an LMS, business headquarters can train employees by simply publishing eLearning material, offering certification courses, and scheduling web conferences. This shifts the responsibility of training from the storefronts and regional offices to the employees. With individual user information, each person can sign-on and pursue personalized learning paths.

With a cloud-based LMS, a franchise business can equip franchise owners and employees easily. As long as they choose platforms that are cost effective and combine social communication tools with eLearning options, an LMS should be the ticket to spreading business success.

TOPYX® is an award winning social LMS that offers the tools franchises need at prices they can afford. TOPYX does not charge per user fees and is available for a flat subscription rate, which allows franchises to do what they intend to do… expand.

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Companies that want to expand far and wide look to tools that can accomplish this mighty mission. With cloud-based communication and eLearning tools, quality widespread growth can come faster than ever before.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]


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