Living in the past?

I apologize for the lack of attribution on the picture to the right.  This came through my e-mail through a long running e-mail chain so I am not even sure where it originated…

Anyway, you gotta love this guy….  He’s living in the past, just like many of the organizations around us today.  Just like those organizations, the individuals and organizations that he is interacting with (his wife in this case) are letting him know that the old ways just are not working anymore.

While I can’t possibly recommend what you should be evaluating, not without a clear understanding of your goals,I wanted to share with you my process, hope it helps:

  • Step back and check progress towards your goals.  For me, The Lab has been in business for a couple of months, is it on track with the goals I set forth?
    • In some areas yes, in some no.  Truth is that some goals were reasonable, some not, and in some cases priorities have been adjusted.
    • I revisit my personal goals, and those of The Lab and now those of CityCamp Boston, on a monthly basis. 
    • This re-evaluation is driving deeper focus in certain key areas which is a good thing.  It’s also added more work to my plate which is also a good thing…  Too much sleep is bad for you. :-)  
  • With an understanding of your goals in mind, how well are your strategies and tactics working?  Odds are, if you’re like me, you’re never one hundred percent satisfied.
    • Are you using the wrong approaches?
    • Are you executing to your expected potential?
    • Are you “chasing” the right business or showing a lack of focus by trying to do it all?

Give yourself a score and share it publicly.  While I am on track I give myself a C- overall.  Gotta keep improving, will let you know when I can change the score. How well are you doing?


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