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A few months ago, I went down to speak at Coastal Carolina University.  I had a great time talking to students about using social media & networking tools in their job search.  A bonus, the keynote speaker was a terrific guy, Steve Schloss, who at the time was the vice president of human resources @ Time, Inc.  He gave a great talk about jobs, work, searching, interviewing – all the usual, all of which was terrific.  But what I enjoyed most and has stuck with me all these months was his  unique perspective on loving where you live and living where you love.

He talked about needing to live and love your location.  This concept resonated with me for many reasons.  I lived in southern California for many years and frankly, didn’t love it.  Couldn’t wait to come “home” – home to Michigan.  It was a calculated move here.  Economy has always been on the borderline, even back to my childhood.  But we love it here.  The seasons – yes the snow, the sun, the rain, the sleet and all the leaves. We fit.  It’s us.  I truly can’t imagine living anywhere else.
I have friends and colleagues, not just in Michigan,  who are looking for jobs and struggling with this question.  I hear the pain in their questions and decisions.  Do I leave where I love to go where the jobs are?  No one would blame them – no one would say no.  But how do you leave roots –  family, friends, established and beloved community, wonderful neighbors, comfortable lifestyle – for a job?  Is it too much to ask for good jobs in all communities?  

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